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Composite Cord Strap
The Composite Cord Strapping is made available by us that has the high abrasion resistance and is not affected by weather conditions or corrosion. It is made from polyester fibers embedded in a polymer coating. 

Strapping Tensioner
The Strapping Tensioner is made available by us in various types and is used in conjunction with a crimper to finally secure the strap to the load of the product. It is the most versatile. 

Strapping Dispenser
A Strapping Dispenser provides immediate access to strapping. It is intended for use across a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Dispensers are often designed for oscillated wound steel coils and plastic, polyester, and polypropylene strapping.

Pre-Cut PP Strapping
We are offering here the Pre-Cut PP Strapping that has the plastic buckle is already attached to a pre-cut length of Polypropylene Strapping. It is ideally suited for remote packaging and bundling applications. 

PET & PP Strapping Band
There is a PP And Box Strapping Band is offered by us that is made from polypropylene and polyester. Strapping bands are used to hold together all kinds of goods, such as with single cardboard boxes or bundling together several pallets. 

Strapping Seal
The Strapping Seal is made available by us in various types and wraps all the way around the parcel, and the join is bonded or welded together to provide a tight, strong seal that cant easily be broken.