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A podium from where customers can buy Strapping Band, Multi Color Pre-cut PP Strapping, Pet Strap, Lashing Belt, etc..

About Us

We began our company with only an objective and a desire to excel in the industry. Nilkanth International has established itself as a major manufacturer and exporter of Polyester Cord Strap, GI Wire Buckles, Plastic Edge Corner Protector, Strapping Tensioners, Strapping Dispenser and Strapping Seals/Clip etc. It is our persistent goal to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction through entire quality management and continuous product innovation. We are getting closer to our aim in the global competitive landscape by focusing more on environmental and social issues. In the long run of our operations, we have tacked every challenge that came our way and countered it successfully with our operational efficiency and management. Our passion for excellence has given us a unique distinction in every facet of the polymer industry. The commercial environment in which we do business is always changing. New business opportunities and markets are constantly emerging throughout countries, providing enormous growth potential.


  • Maintain a strong market reputation in the market by delivering quality products.
  • Ensure that our clients expectations and demands are met.
  • Make the best use of available resources for innovation and continuous product quality improvement.
  • Take good care of our employees and maintain a positive relationship with our vendors.
  • Maintain our commitment to our shareholder duties.
  • Meet our social responsibilities and work for the betterment of the environment.


Having control over the packaging implies control over the supply chain. More efficiency and less waste are achieved when the proper packaging is used at the right time and in the right location. The real prize is typically found in the procedure that surrounds the packing. Appropriate packaging management necessitates a good packaging policy. This can only be achieved with an integrated approach that considers the entire supply chain. In everything we do, we try to be the best.

CSR/ Sustainability

Nilkanth International
acts in a way that actively contributes to the survival and resilience of our economies, environments, and societies. Sustainability has been ingrained in our day-to-day operations while manufacturing Polyester Cord Strap, GI Wire Buckles, Plastic Edge Corner Protector, Strapping Tensioners, Strapping Dispenser and Strapping Seals/Clip etc.

We Value

Our company values integrity and fairness in our relationships, responsive service that delights, quality in all that we do and produce, innovation and flexibility, creativity, efficient and safe operational systems, timely and accurate communication.

Company Principle

Do our best for our customers and serve them in an ethical manner.

Our Objective

The objectives of our company are to attain client satisfaction, respect our employees, profitability and growth, career rewards,  honesty and integrity, develop healthy relationships with our vendors, independence of our company.

Quality Policy

  • To provide qualified products by determining the needs, requests, and expectations of customers.
  • Keep increasing quality by promoting teamwork so that our employees become more competent and capable of putting their talents to their full potential through personal growth.
  • To reduce costs through increasing technical advancements, productivity, and profitability, and to put these advancements into reality.

Industries We Serve

With our quality array of products, we have been serving customers from different industries namely :

  • Pipe Packaging
  • Stone Packaging
  • Roller Packaging
  • Glass Packing
  • Machineries Packaging
  • Steel Tube Packaging
  • Chemical Packaging
  • Scaffolding Packaging
  • Lumber Packing

Why Choose Nilkanth International?

The below mentioned attributes make us an ideal destination for customers to have business deals for the aforesaid products:

  • Timely delivery of products
  • Continuous research & development
  • Top-notch quality products
  • Domestic & international network
  • Focus on customer satisfaction